Community of Amateur Swingers: guide for young swappers

Every day we get thousands of amateur swingers that join our society. They all have different reasons for becoming part of the swinging scene. Some are just curious about the lifestyle, others wants to meet new sex partners and we do have some newbie members that just want to spend time in the online galleries.

The great thing about our site is that there are features and members for everyone. While our mature members might like one aspect of our site like the forums, the amateur swingers like to read the blogs and comments on them. We have 3,000,000 members on our site and not all of them have experience about this lifestyle so just like you they want to learn and get involved. Once you join you’ll get to meet other new and young people who are starting out in this lifestyle.

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A lot of our amateur members are fresh from colleague or still studying and these young adults have an abundance of energy in the bedroom. They do things differently from mature members and like to take more risks with different adult activities and try as many partners as possible. Amateurs also include more single male and females and are not just centered on couples as in the case with mature duos. New members join our site daily and they are spread out from different cities and towns in the UK, US and other countries. We are the best known online swingers community and because of this you are sure to find locals in your area that fits your sexual preferences.

You can also view our wide range of amateur photos and videos to see if there is any “newbies” that you like. Use your cellphone, digital camera or PC to create and upload your own photos and videos. In this way your profile will get more interest and you can give potential sex partners a foretaste of what is to come! You don't need to know much about photography or wife swapping to create this material the only requirement is that you have fun. Our young members also interact with each other on the forums, blogs, chat rooms, video chat rooms and internal mailing system. With young and new members it's always fun and games and our Am I Hot rating game is very popular among them.

If you are unsure about joining a swinging community because you don't know what the lifestyle is all about then you can always get a mentor or mature swinger to show you the ropes. We have many experienced couples and individuals who love to play with the fresh talent and help them fit in.