Top Two Tips to Keep an Online Relationship Alive

There are a few ways to keep things alive, even if the only thing you do is talk…

When it comes to online dating, sometimes keeping the online relationship alive is the hardest thing to accomplish. What happens is, when you talk to the same person the same way over and over again, things can start to get boring. How do you combat this? How do you keep a relationship alive that seems to be based solely on typing to each other? There are a few ways to keep things alive, even if the only thing you do is talk… It’s the way you talk that is key. And here are a couple of ways to keep things lively, no matter how long the relationship has been going on.

Lets Talk Video

Have you thought about a video chat? Even though most people chat daily, most do not use a webcam to do it. Sometimes throwing some video into the mix is the perfect change an online couple needs to spark up a boring chat. Go get a webcam, any basic one will do, and hook it up. Make sure you have all the right software to run it, however, or all you will see when it comes time to use it is a blank screen. There is nothing worse than killing the anticipation of seeing your loved one online with a blank screen. Then, once you have he video set up, fire away! You don’t necessarily need the both of you with webcams, just one will do. Even if one has the ability to see the other it can make a big difference. Now, if both f you have a working cam, then let the games begin! Try to spice it up a bit by trying some steamy role playing or just plain dirty talk can get some people going and inject the spark back into the relationship.

Hold the Phones

Another great way to liven things up is to have a plain ole’ phone conversation. Sometimes, when all you do is type back and forth on the chat, it can become monotonous; translation: boring. If you speak on the phone, it will change the way you hear the conversation. When two people chat, you are reading what the other is saying , and hearing it in your head, but you are hearing it in your own voice. So, why not give your partner a call, even unexpectedly, and hear the real voice. It’s proven that talking over the phone has much more effect than typing… It stimulates the brainwaves much more than typing. Again, to spice things up a bit, you could give the role playing a try, or just plain old phone sex is another traditional choice that goes over well almost every time.

When a couple meets online, it can become boring very quickly. Chatting back and forth all the time, while it is traditionally the thing to do online, it is not the only thing. If you keep these things in mind, you are guaranteed to keep your partner on their toes, and keep the relationship spontaneous and spicy at the same time. With a relationship like that, you can’t go wrong.