Workplace Romance or Online Dating?

Singles are becoming entangled with someone in their workplace starting a romance and it is having a negative effect on the lives of both

Picture this… You are at your job and you meet a fantastic person who you later start dating. Then a week later, you come to find out this person is actually someone from another department in your building and is getting a promotion. This person is now your new supervisor.

What do you do? Do you continue the relationship or do you break it off? Time and time again, many singles are becoming entangled with someone in their workplace starting a romance and it is having a negative effect on the lives of both. Moreover, it is something that neither of them knows about. Let’s look at workplace romances and how online dating can put an end to the problems.

Workplace Stability

This is an excellent reason to avoid workplace romances. However, what about those you don’t know you actually work with? Well, the best policy would be to break off the romance, depending on how far it has gone. The problem is because many new relationships are more focused on other things than where a person works, the knowledge that your partner works for the same employer may escape your knowledge for a long time-until it’s too late and you are emotionally vested. In a case such as this, workplace stability becomes an issue for one big reason.

Favoritism, which can cause one or both of you to get fired, especially if one of you is the boss, is the usual outcome. And even if it is not an issue, most will assume it is and then the gossip causes even more problems. Unfortunately, the only solutions are almost worse off then being single ever was. One or both of you could get fired. One of you could resign, ask for a transfer to another unit or location altogether, or decide to resign. Any way you look at it, you are losing something-even if the workplace romance was not your fault.

Online Dating Difference

The thing about online dating is that you know who you’re dating and where what they do for a living almost immediately. It is a subject that is disclosed on their single’s profile on the dating site. Think about it, when you fill out your dating profile for the site you use, what is the first or second thing you do? That’s right, fill in your profession, meaning what you do and where you work. This means you could skip over anyone who works with you, or in the same industry, and they will probably do the same.

Using a dating profile in this way makes it much easier on the emotions and the career. Not only can the workplace romance and all the problems that come with one be avoided, but you will not be in fear of having to make a career change or changing the course of your life’s goals because you started dating “the wrong person.” Online singles dating is, in this respect, the clear winner when looking for singles and avoiding the usual problems that comes with it.