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The difference between Online Sex and real shag is that some sort of technology is involved with the first. It does not mean that you are having sex with a robot; cyber sexusually involves two adults who are exploring their sexuality in the online world.

There are different variations of online sex and at you can enjoy any of them. The most popular form of cyber sex happens in our adult chat rooms with video capability. A webcam, pc and microphone are set up so that one adult can watch his partner or a stranger masturbate even though they are not in the same physical location. This allows couples who travel a lot to be intimate with each other and it gives a chance for strangers to get an orgasm in a safe and secure environment. It's not easy to have real sex with a strangers and online sex allows our members to get intimate with each other with a safety barrier, before taking the next step.

Two adults can also shag in real life while others watch them do this in the adult chat rooms. It is kind of like the adult activity dogging where exhibitionist couples have sex in their cars and voyagers get pleasure from watching them. Cuckold couples also use our video chat rooms to combine online with real sex. The husband called the cuck, will encourage the bull to fuck his partner called the hotwife while he watches the action online. Traditional cuckolding sex has the husband in the room with his wife and the other man when they have real shag, but this puts a lot of pressure on the bull. Cyber sex allows the bull to relax and shag the hotwife while the cuck also gets the pleasure of seeing great online sex.

If you are new to online shag then you can try typing naughty messages to someone in the chat rooms. Start by telling them I want to fuck my partner tonight but I need your help to get into the right mood. This is a great foreplay technique and you can get really creative with different role play scenarios and by describing your sexual fantasies. Our internal mail is also a great way to send sexy messages to members that you fancy. Now that you know more about cyber sex, it's time to join up and get yourself turned on.