Hotproperty17 32 years old, Woman, Live in Alabama


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United States
Alabama, Fairfield
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5 ft 4 in / 163-165 cm
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Clerical (Office/Shop)

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naughty girl needs new sex...
Alright, let's start with the basics I'm an allAmerican girl. I try to stay as active as possible so that I can pig out on junk food once in a while. I keep in good shape. I have all my teeth, no missing limbs. I'm a girly girl for the most part..I like dresses and makeup and the color pink, but I also have my "one of the guys" side and like to drink beer, ride dirt bikes and eat at Hooter's...heh. I am also a sensual young lady who takes great pleasure in pleasing my men. I am looking for hott sex, and maybe more if the guy and the time is right. Lately, I seem to be wet between my legs ALL the time! A sense of humor, a very high sex drive and a rich imagination are big turnons! I'm on a quest to find and experience some new pleasures and I need to find a partner who's willing to take a chance and join me in my search. Are you are that type of man? Wanna get hot n wild? I am looking for somebody to just have a bit of fun with, nothing serious. Sexually, I'm ready for anything! Mmmmmm. I have an incredible appetite for many things and that includes sexx of course!
I am looking for someone that is into foreplay and that will love my breasts, which are perfectly shaped and very sensitive, someone that will help me and teach me how to get the most out of my body!!!!