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Thailesbo 35 years old, Woman, Live in Krung Thep

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Krung Thep, Bangkok
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Girls only please - NO SINGLE MEN !!
I only want to meet and swop stories and photo's with girls no men please I am bi and I can get men so easy if I get the urge !!I am sexy and people say good looking i think I have good body but maybe my breasts are too small (i am not a big head, people always tell me I have really good body) I love girls they are so much better and make me wet everytime! men do not make me feel same ! sorry boy's no point contact me I like couples and will make man and woman very happy I like groups and if people watch me i like show off my body and dress in mini skirts and short dress.I warn you I am wild when drunk I do everything with horny girls and never so no for any idea or item to put up my holes !! I like use toys and big ones but nothing hurt me I only standard member so to get a reply you know what you need to do !!Again no men single men !!
great body and horny and not shy for video / photo !!I want fun and love go dance and get drunk you need like same but I also enjoy romantic nights.I do not want single men no way you can tempt me and no point wink me or send picture of your cock couples and single girls, bi girls or girl coupes / groups yes I want and enjoy so much and you will enjoy time in bedroom with me I can guarantee !!I am standard member only as I just join this site so may upgrade later but for now to get a reply from me you need to think about how I can reply !! Standard memebrs like me can not send message back to you please do not think I am rude or not intested !!I want photo's if you tell me you have a girlfriend, I am no air head ! Maany men send me message and tell me they have girl friend who join us really ? I think not !I want to see her face and I send you one of the many photo's I have where I show my face and everything !!I want to chat with girls I travel from Thailand sometimes but not enough i want to be licked all over but also i look for people to send emails to and chat with using internet.I want to swop nude photo's and have some