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With 3,000,000 members on our site you must wonder what percentage are part of the transgender community. Just browse our profiles of transvestites and shemale couples and you will get an idea of how big this community is and how diverse. We have mature and experienced adults and then we also have those who are completely new to all of this.

Our transgender community includes a wide range of categories. If we look at the tem in general it describes adults whose gender identify doesn’t match the sex assigned to them at birth. For example a biological male who identifies with a female. Some transsexual people undergo sex reassignment surgery while others prefer to live with the genitals they got at birth. Thus there are MTF (male-to-female, or M2F) and FTM (female-to-male) transsexuals. The term “shemale” stand for a MTF transgender person who has decided to leave male genitals while having female appearance.

[photo of transgender member] Our online community consists of a rainbow of different mature transvestites and shemales. We have Orientals, Caucasian, Blacks, Indians, Latino’s, Africans that all come from different parts of the world. These members originate from Europe, The United Kingdom, The United States, Spain, Russia and Canada. They also have different ideas about what it means to be part of a transgender community and that’s what makes them so exciting.

All our members can interact via a range of online features. Use our advanced search feature to find a transvestite or shemale who fits your sexual preferences. Once you have a shortlist of potential sexual partners start interacting with them in our chat rooms, cross-dressing forums, erotic blogs or free mailing system.

You can even turn up the intimacy level and use a webcam and microphone to do naughty stuff with a member of the transgender community in the adult chat rooms. You can also search, message, chat, blog, discuss in forums, share photos or videos and engage in video chat for as long as you want. We never close down so you can do this at 3 am in the morning or even on a public holiday.

What makes our Transgender Community different from other online communities is that you will get to meet real people. Your chances of meeting the perfect sex partner for you is more than great and you can also find out about swingers parties, clubs or dogging activity in your area. Not everyone is always looking for the same thing. Some of our members are looking for friendship, others for advice, others for dating opportunities, some just want to hang out with like-minded people. If you are looking for something more than just sex then you can find it in our community as well. Many of our single members are seeking both friends and fuck buddies. They value a partner’s personality more than a sexy body. So, if you want to meet a person with whom you will feel comfortable and happy being together search transsexual members on our site.