Help general faq and ticket


Recover your username/password by email.

You will receive an email from us containing your username and a special direct login link with the option to change your password. If our email is not appearing in your inbox within 1-2 minutes please check your spam/junk folder.

As a standard member, you can visit unlimited profiles, read/receive private messages from premium members, and you can like other users; however, you can not send messages yourself.

As a premium member, you can send private messages to all users (standard & premium), and you can also post updates through the dating center which is a great way to attract attention to your profile! You will also appear higher in search results with a catchy 'star' icon (which means more views).


Please notice that you can only upload 5 photos.

The main profile photo must be of YOU. Any other image will be deleted. It doesn't have to be a face pic, and a cool body shot works great too.

You may upload pics of things other than yourself to your Album however pictures of celebrities or any copywritten material that is not your property will be deleted.

Pictures that have URL links, email addresses, websites, etc will be promptly removed.

Due to the adult nature of the community, pictures with minors are not allowed ANYWHERE on the site, regardless of context, and any photo of a child will be deleted.

To delete a photo from your profile, go to "My Account" → "Photos", and click the "Delete" button on which photo you want to delete.

In order to send messages to other members, you need to be a premium member.

As a premium member, when you visit a profile, you can send a message through the 'private messages' tab. Any responses from that member will also appear through that 'private messages' tab. So basically the conversion between you & the profile you are visiting is always visible through this tab.

As a premium member, when you contact a standard user, you are free to include contact information (such as phone number, email address).


The billing descriptor will be discreet and will not indicate membership in any specific website. The descriptor is usually the name, website, or phone number of the billing processor (depending on which biller you signed up through). Check Billing Support

Access our billing support page for biller contact information. Check Billing Support

Upon subscribing, you will receive a confirmation email from our billing provider. You can contact them at any time to cancel your subscription.

For your convenience, the billing provider will automatically renew your subscription when your initial subscription term expires unless you cancel before that date. If you paid via money order, your subscription would NOT renew, and you will need to send another money order two weeks before your expiration date to avoid any interruption in service.

For any other questions & suggestions please submit a ticket to our support team.

We respond within 24 hours.