Cottaging Gay Sex Outdoors with Hot Men UK

In a recent survey that was done in the UK it was revealed that more adults know about the term “dogging” than “blogging”. So it is no surprise that you will find more dogging contacts here than on any other site. We do, however, have members that use our blog feature and post about the dogging lifestyle.

Cottaging in the UK is a popular sex hobby for many British gay males, and has spread all over the world as the number one way to have anonymous sex with other gay, bi, married and straight acting guys. Mostly meeting in public toilets, but any outdoor area that is secluded and hidden from public view can be used for gay sex cruising. As long as there have been horny males with gay urges, there has been homosexual activity in public lavatories in England.

Safety when taking part is cottaging is important for gay and bi guys looking for sex. Particularly if you are a first time gay dogger and the cruising scene is new to you. It is a good idea to trust your instinct and not rush into a situation with another man if you don’t feel confident about it. There will always be cock available at outdoor public toilets, so you should get used to the seductive atmosphere of gay sex and maybe just watch what other bi males and gay men are getting up to. If you catch the eye of a hot young stud and feel comfortable playing with him, you could take things further and have a bit of sexy fun.

Bi Male Cruising Public Toilets for Sex

Not all men that take part in cottaging are single, it is popular with married men with secret gay cravings and those in straight or bi relationships too. In the mundane partnership, gay cruising can add an element of excitement that may have been missing. In order to make the most of public toilet sex, you need to know where the best loos and lavatories are to meet guys for casual and oral sex. The right people to ask are the sexually active studs that frequent such places – fortunately you can find out and contact these bi and gay males for outdoor fun by joining our adult contacts swingers site for free. Exchange top secret gay cruising spots and glory hole public toilet locations with other sexy gays, even arrange a meet.

Perhaps it is your first time and you are a public toilet sex virgin? There is no need to feel nervous; once you have had your first taste of male on male action you will wonder why you waited so long to go cottaging. Whatever worries you have will disappear as you get stuck in and enjoy all the horny guys hanging round in the loos. Even celebrities have been known to participate in this filthy but gentlemanly activity, so it must be good. Once you’ve had your fun at a UK cruising spot, you can share your public toilet sex experience with other gay doggers in our forums and blogs, to find the most active locations.