Transvestite clothing, accessories and toys

Alternative fashion Transvestite model

When you think of Cross-dressing Clothing, accessories and make-up what do you imagine? A scene from the Rocky horror picture show or make-up that looks like Pamela Anderson helped you apply it.

There is this huge misconception that clothing for Transvestites from the UK looks like something that should be featured in the circus. If you visit our online galleries and look at some of the shemale photos you will see that our ladies are dressed up in sexy lingerie, stocking and high heels and they use sequence and eye make-up to a minimum. We have sexy members from the UK, USA and rest of Europe who knows how to dress in style. With over 3,000,000 members on our site there are also many different fashion styles that will impress you.

You don’t have to shop at second hand stores or costume shops and risk looking like someone on their way to a Halloween party. If you want to transform your UK transvestite wardrobe to look like the real deal then all you have to do is become a member of our site. Here we will help you keep your sparkle and individuality without looking like a train wreck with our good cross-dressing clothing tips.

We have the best cross-dressing clothing advice, discussions on our forums and chat rooms and also access to best online adult Stores. We provide links so you can explore different shops that offer unique products, services, make-over and advice for transvestites. Some of the products that these stores sell are wigs, lingerie, silicone breast forms, realistic vaginas, transsexual or feminizing hormone products. They also sell things like transvestite dvds or magazines.

UK Transvestites who want to change their body shape to be more voluptuous can learn about body padding and cinching underwear on our cross-dressing forums. Members will tell you where to get the best covered rear pads, padded girdles, hip and rear padded panties, and transform breast forms. Our cross-dressing blogs also give creative tips on how you can use household items like a second hand ice hockey padding to perform the same role as a girdle. Or read how you can make your own girdles from a foam mattress pad and a panty.

Our forums have many tips on how to insure that your “boobs” have a natural appearance and looks realistic. Here you will get advice from filling your breast cups with beans to using the plastic powdered stuff from garden shops that swells when you soak it in water or just using blue ice packs.

There are many products and advice that transgenders can use to make them feel happy with the way they look. By just following our advice and talking to other members you can transform your look in no time.