8 Steps For Making Your Own Sex Tape

Shooting your own sex tape can be a great way to heat things up in the bedroom. First and foremost though, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about creating your own home vid, then it’s alway best to simply not do it. Regret is not a feeling that you want to have afterwards; in fact quite the opposite. If you’re in a secure relationship then making a home sex tape can be an exciting and passionate affair, and most certainly capable of capturing one of your best erotic moments to date (if done right). Results from The Adult Hub Definitive Sex Survey show that 76% of their members who have made their own sex tape, keep it quiet, whilst 27% of them had uploaded it to the internet.

So whether you’re making a private erotic sex tape, or something to share with the world, then why not try these 8 simple steps to creating your own masterpiece.

Step 1 - Setting

Choose a location for your film that you won’t be disturbed in and most importantly, that you feel comfortable in.

Step 2 - Sex

Decide what you’re both thinking about getting up to in front of the camera. Remember though, you will ruin the passion if you get too rigid with the script. Your other option is to go with the flow, which can be much more fun.

Step 3 - Camera

Get yourself a decent video camera. Clearly it doesn’t need to be top of the range, but it does need to be of a good enough standard so that your film doesn’t look too shaky. Don’t forget the camera stand too; unless you have your own personal cameraman.

Step 4 - Accessories

Have a think about what you will be using such as sex toys or props. Stopping half way through because you forgot the lube isn’t going to make good viewing. Also, include in this section what you will be wearing, or at least what you will be wearing in the beginning.

Step 5 - Lighting

Lighting is a really important step. Having glaring or too dim lights can ruin a film, so make sure you have tested and corrected the lighting before you have started. In addition to a general view through the camera, make sure you test how your body looks in the lens naked too. The lighting can make your body look washed out or pasty if too light and undoubtedly, you’re going to want to look your best.

Step 6 - Start Shooting

Don’t worry if you fall over or burst out laughing....just carry on anyway. If your’e aiming for a half hour porn vid then try to shoot for an hour to compensate.

Step 7 - Editing

This is where the extra shooting time you spent comes in handy. Use some editing software to remove any parts that you don’t want and from here on in you can decide if you want to add music or leave the video sound as is.

Step 8 - Safety

Always store your video under lock and key unless your utterly proud at your new masterpiece and wish to share it with the world.

Although we have put the process of making your own homemade porn video into 8 simple steps, the truth is it can get quite time consuming, especially if your a perfectionist. That said, we hope you enjoyed our article on how to make your first sex tape and hopefully enjoy making it, even more.