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How to Win the Love of a Sugar Mummy

A sugar mummy is an older lady that is willing to take the motherly responsibilities of her young lover. The sugar son gives all the sexual satisfactions, companies, love, care and tender supports from time to time. The sugar mummy spends the money while the son gives the love satisfaction. Speaking to an older lady and winning her love involves a lot of confidence. It involves gathering enough courage to do it. It involves many steps to win the love of a sugar mummy. Below are some of these steps. Walk straight to her and do a very brief introduction…

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What is Spooning?

Spooning is a simple but easy way of spicing up your sex life. It doesn’t even have to be about sex, you simply show your affection for someone by giving them a good spoon. Bending Spoons It’s given the name ‘spooning’ due to the position two partners will lie in relation to one another, usually the man behind the woman (if a man and woman, which it might not necessarily be). Their legs are usually bent at their knees giving that spoon shape. Surprise Spoon “What is spooning good for?” you may ask, well quite a few things and its…

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What Roleplay Character Are You?

No matter what your daily role is, sometimes it can become a little monotonous and a small amount of time pretending to be someone else can be rather refreshing. Who do you want to be though? Student and Teacher Perhaps you are the stern teacher brandishing some form of slipper or belt for corporal punishment or you may be the unruly student who likes to be bratty and backchat. Either way whether you’re getting spanked or dealing out the spanking, chances are you’re gonna have a fun filled time. Sexy Secretary You’re a sensual secretary that’s stayed late after work,…

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The Definitive Swinger Survey 2014 Results - Sex Toys

In this article we’re discovering the sex toy habits of our members who took the Definitive Swinger Sex Survey 2014. The sex toy market is a huge industry which has had positive movements within it over the years. Anne Summers could probably be described as one of the biggest retailers to bring sex toys to the mainstream market, and the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has, in the last few years, had a notable effect on the sales of adult toys. We all know that sex toys fit with singles and couples, but what about people who enjoy swinging? Are…

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8 Steps For Making Your Own Sex Tape

Shooting your own sex tape can be a great way to heat things up in the bedroom. First and foremost though, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about creating your own home vid, then it’s alway best to simply not do it. Regret is not a feeling that you want to have afterwards; in fact quite the opposite. If you’re in a secure relationship then making a home sex tape can be an exciting and passionate affair, and most certainly capable of capturing one of your best erotic moments to date (if done right). Results from The Adult Hub Definitive…

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Avoiding and Stopping Online Dating Annoyances

Now you know about the varying degrees of online dating site annoyances, mild, moderate, major, and dangerous, it is time to learn what you can do to avoid these types of people as well as what you can do to stop the annoyances once they start. What are you supposed to do about it? Well, that all depends on how they annoy you, and what the severity of annoyance they create is. The different degrees of annoyance determine the outcome of what you can do about it. Mild Dating Site Annoyances You can ignore the mild annoyances, for the most…

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Why Online Dating is Better than Being a Couch Potato

Put the Remote Down & Find Yourself a Mate Online dating has turned into the dating avenue of the future, and with good reason. There are many reasons as to why online dating is better than regular dating. Most people, however, tend to forget just how convenient online dating can be. Here are a few reasons why you might want to put the TV remote down, get off your couch potato rump and get to an online dating site, as there are thousands of singles just waiting for you to pick them to talk to. What’s in it For the…

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First Impressions Count. Make Sure You Get Them Right

When its all on the line and you really want them to love you. First Dates… When its all on the line and you really want him or her to love you. Assuming you’re not a stalker or psychotic, you’re looking to make the best first impression you can. A better one than any you have ever made before. There are some things to keep in mind so you do not blow the Golden Moment. When you are finally in the spotlight, keep remember these things and you are sure to make the best impression you can. Neutral Territory Never…

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The Lure of Online Dating

How Long Has It been Since Your Last Date? As a matter of fact, how long has it been since you have been able to get out at all? If you feel that you are never going to find the time or the motivation to get out and find love, an online dating site may be perfect for you. It is an easy way to meet singles from the comfort of your own home. Although it isn’t new, people are just starting to get around to trying them and they are the newest form of contemporary dating that you simply…

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First Steps to Dating Online

Online dating - It can be a mystifying experience if you are not sure how the process works or where to start with it. This is why there are so many guides on the market and the internet geared towards the online dating newbie. And this one is really no different, except of course that it is in plain English. So, first things first: where is a newbie to start when entering the online dating world? Make A Plan First, make a plan of what you want to get out of the site, this way you already know what to…

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