What is Spooning?

Spooning is a simple but easy way of spicing up your sex life. It doesn’t even have to be about sex, you simply show your affection for someone by giving them a good spoon.

Bending Spoons

It’s given the name ‘spooning’ due to the position two partners will lie in relation to one another, usually the man behind the woman (if a man and woman, which it might not necessarily be). Their legs are usually bent at their knees giving that spoon shape.

Surprise Spoon

“What is spooning good for?” you may ask, well quite a few things and its a simple little addition to your bedroom antics that will help you mix things up a bit. For instance you can easily surprise them first thing in the morning with some wake up sex by slipping it in there using the spooning position. Make sure you use a lot of lube as you don’t to surprise them for all the wrong reasons of too much friction.

Ease Into It

If you’re trying to get into anal and want to ease your partner into it and make it as pain-free as possible, the spooning position is great! This is due to the muscles around the anus being more relaxed due to their bum being rested against the bed as opposed to helping support them, like it would with a position such as doggy where they’re upright.

All Access Area

Spooning is great for easy access so to speak should you fancy getting a little ‘hands on’ in foreplay as you can reach their chest, genitals, anus, pretty much everywhere! How about giving them a massage they will never forget using the spooning position, use some baby oil or massage candle wax to slick yourselves up and rub your bodies against one another as you work their entire body with your hands.

All At Once

Sex toys can be easily taken advantage in a position like this, imagine vibrating nipple clamps, a butt plug and vibrator all at once thanks to the spooning position as your partner’s body is wide open and if you’re behind them you have every area imaginable within your reach.

So next time you’re brainstorming what position to try next or what kinky things you can try out, it could be as simple as thinking of a certain piece of cutlery to give you sensual inspiration.