3 Online dating Annoyances to Avoid

Online Dating Sites & Everyday Annoyances

In every day life, we must all handle frustrations and annoyances, no matter what it is that we are doing, or where we are. The same applies to online dating sites. No matter which online dating site used, there will always be one person who annoys the Hell out of you. Whether or not you pay for membership, that annoyance is there. Before going any further, remember-if you feel your life is in danger, do not hesitate to call the police and fill out a report. That said; let’s learn about the different annoyances to watch for.

Mild Dating Site Annoyance

These are the “Oh My God they won’t stop emailing me” annoyances and they are just that, annoying. The person in question may be trolling the online dating sites looking for someone to love them. These types latch on to people and try too hard to get their attention. Say they find you on the dating site and start emailing you. You clearly stated you were not interested, however, they continue emailing or trying to contact you in some other way.

Moderate Dating Site Annoyances

These people think they are God’s gift and that they can do no wrong. They are arrogant, self-centered and command the attention and respect of everyone-no matter what venue they try to control, be it a dating site forum, message board or chat room. They hope to appeal to others and show they are worthy of love. These people generally think that the more we see (or hear) of them, the better we will remember them when choosing who we want to contact on the dating site.

Major Dating Site Annoyance

These people start at other levels and work themselves up to this status. These people say things like, “I know you don’t want to hear form me but I think we can make it work” or “I know you will like me if you give me a chance.” This person is the one who doesn’t fade away when ignored. These are strong-willed people and they will not stop until they get what they want.

Dangerous Dating Site Annoyance

Yes, these are stalkers roaming the online dating sites. Any of the other annoyances can turn into a stalker, so be sure to avoid anyone you run into that fits any of these categories to avoid escalation into this one. Stalkers can harm someone without thinking twice about it, thinking they are doing the right thing and they do it all in the name of “Love,” not caring what the person they are doing it to cares or thinks. These people have a genuine psychological problem, so avoid them at all costs if you run into them on any online dating site, whether it is a free dating site or a paid dating site.

Misconceptions of Free Online Dating Sites

Many people think that the free online dating sites have more of an incidence of these problems. This is simply untrue. All online dating sites have about the same percentage of these annoyance problems. Just because people pay for a dating site membership doesn’t mean the memberships are better and the people on them any safer. That said, none of the decent dating sites allow just anything to happen. They need to protect the online daters as well as their online dating site reputation. What good is a dating site that doesn’t care what happens to the daters?

Online Dating Sites Provide Recourse

This is why these sites have all added some kind of report button, making it possible to report anyone for abuse or harassment. Then the dating site moderators investigate the people and the person in question is deemed dangerous, or if cause if found otherwise, they are booted form the online dating site, period. A reputation then follows them making it difficult to become a part of other dating sites.