First Impressions Count. Make Sure You Get Them Right

When its all on the line and you really want them to love you.

First Dates… When its all on the line and you really want him or her to love you. Assuming you’re not a stalker or psychotic, you’re looking to make the best first impression you can. A better one than any you have ever made before. There are some things to keep in mind so you do not blow the Golden Moment. When you are finally in the spotlight, keep remember these things and you are sure to make the best impression you can.

Neutral Territory

Never agree to meet at a specific house. The date should start at a traditional, safe location. This means that you both will have your own transportation and that gives both of you a sense of security, meaning you will be relaxed. If you’re going to be your winning self you had better be relaxed, right? This also means that if he or she does not turn out to be what you thought, you have an “out” door, which also enhances your sense of security as well.


No, this is not about the first kiss. It is about Keeping It Simple Stupid. Do not make complicated or elaborate plans. The more nervous you are the less likely you are to shine and instead, easy and enjoyable is the key. Try to avoid mid-date travel as well. Even if the second location is a real winner, the trip overall rarely is. Just pick one spot and stay there.

Be the First

The guy should always try to be the one to end the date first. This should be done as smoothly and politely as possible. There is a natural ending point and if you are sharp and catch it, you will come off in a very positive light. The woman should only be the first to end the date if she in uncomfortable for any reason.

Too Hot

Girls, keep the volume down ok? Nobody is saying you should wear a burlap sack, but if the heat is to high the guy might fry. What’s worse, if that’s not the case they you might end up in a situation you'd rather avoid. The best case is that all that will be remembered is your looks, and most likely from the neck down. That’s not a good thing, so do not overdo it.

Trying to Hard

Do not try too hard. If your going out for the first time the other person will only know what your wearing now, not what you didn't wear. Focus on the date and not your appearance dress comfortable but attractive. Anything excessive or too intentional will just throw things off or make the both of you nervous.

In the Loop

Make sure that the other person knows as much as you do about where you are going and what you’re doing on your first date. Keep it clear. The last thing you want is your date showing up in a cocktail dress and then finding out that Goofy Golf was first. Bad impression central.


If you think about it, you are there to learn so to speak, you are trying to see if this is the love of your life. So learn, and ask questions. However, do not ask too many questions or make them too probing but do show a healthy interest in your date. The best thing that can happen is the "we talked all night, it was so romantic" type of date. It will show you in the best light and you will really get the chance to get to know them. People like that.


The worst thing is overdoing any scent. Perfume or cologne, if it is too much or over the top, you two are going to be over soon too. This is very distracting first off and it creates the impression that you have "something to hide”. You are not the only one who knows what a perfume bath is.

Breath of Death

You know, you might just get that first kiss. Nevertheless, if you do, may God help you if you just ate garlic chicken for dinner. Remember to make sure that your breath is taken care of. If you have dental issues, take extra care to insure that there is no odor. Keep mints with you at all times, but don't bring a toothbrush, that’s not good impression material, not at all.


It is all about fun so… Remember to have fun, OK? The best first impression is the most natural one and when you smile for real, you really do shine!

When you take the time to try and make a good impression, it really shows. However, if you try too hard-that will show too. Probably the most important thing you can do when trying to make a god impression is be natural. If you do and say things naturally, and not forced, it is one of the best impressions that always get remembered and you are sure to get to the second date.