First Steps to Dating Online

Online dating - It can be a mystifying experience if you are not sure how the process works or where to start with it. This is why there are so many guides on the market and the internet geared towards the online dating newbie. And this one is really no different, except of course that it is in plain English. So, first things first: where is a newbie to start when entering the online dating world?

Make A Plan

First, make a plan of what you want to get out of the site, this way you already know what to expect from it when you are finished. This way when you find what you want, r more to the point, who you want, you can leave the scene happy. Once you have a plan and start on the site, it is time to start talking to people. But the secret is, don’t talk to just anyone, you need to be specific in your actions. Remember the plan I was just mentioning, well form your plan, figure out the type of person you want to talk to and then search all of the profiles you can find and pick out a few that fit the bill.

Start Interacting

When you have done that, you need to start interacting with them. Most people know all about chat rooms and the activities that go on in them. But, the first thing you need to know and remember is not to go to the first one you find and put yourself out there. That would be dating suicide and defeat the purpose. It will make you look desperate. Most people who go straight to a chat room usually have only one thing on their minds, and that one thing is what gets many into trouble and makes them miserable in the long run. This one thing is sex, and those who are not careful may be targeted because they look like they are easy prey for those who are only after that one thing.

Misleading Intentions

Yes, it can be frustrating, but there is a way to get what you want out of a dating site without running into those situations. However, it will do good to know how it starts, as most people looking for sex only will start talking as if they are looking for the whole package, even if they aren’t. Things start off normally, talking and getting to know each other over a few “sessions” on a private chat line, and then you start making other plans, maybe to meet the person in the real world. You, the newcomer to the scene know it would be in your best interest too meet this person in a public place so as to not have awkward moments and for safety as well. But then it happens. The person you are making plans with brings up the fact they want to go to a private place because they are hoping for that one thing. And that quick, it is over between the two of you

It’s unfortunate, but there are signs to look for. For instance, if the person you are talking to doesn’t seem genuinely interested in what you have to say or if they keep pushing the issue of meeting face to face, then the most likely outcome is they are going to ask for sex, or make things so it is easier to do so. Just watch for the signs and be careful and aware. This is the one way they will not lure you in is if you are on guard to every word they say, or don’t say as it is in some cases.

Get Started

So, what is the best way to get started? Find a good site like, search profiles, find some people you might want to talk to and send some private messages. room and the people in it. So, go in with a plan, see what it is you want and get to the talking.

Just remember you don’t have to talk to the first person you see, as many times it will not work out. Take your time o get to know the site you have chosen and get a feel for the people on it first. Dating in the real world take a lot of skill and patience, so what makes anyone think that dating online is any different. It is not, really and as long as you keep this in mind, you will win every time.