5 Common Sense Dating Tips for Single Men

Common sense is one of the first things that fly out the window when a man starts dating, especially if he is pursuing someone he genuinely likes.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tips that have been proposed to the singles community over the last few hundred years or so. The problem with these tips is they are just the same things dressed up as something new. However, the following tips, give you a bit of common sense. This is handy because common sense is one of the first things that fly out the window when a man starts dating, especially if he is pursuing someone he genuinely likes.

Beer Goggles Do Not Work!

They do not in any way make women prettier or smarter. You also cannot rely on beer goggles to show you the truth in any way, shape or form. What a woman says when she is drunk-or heavily buzzed-is not true in any way, no matter what your buddies tell you about alcohol being a truth serum, it is not, period. What alcohol is, in fact, is a good way to humiliate yourself, or her. When two people go out on a first or second date, or if they are still "getting used to each other" then drinking a lot is not the way to do it.

Marriage is Not What every Woman Wants

No matter how much she might say she loves you within the first few dates, marriage should not be an option. Any woman looking for marriage this quickly is probably in a rebound and trying to get away from another man as quick as possible. On the other hand, you, as a single man, should never-ever-propose within the first few dates, either. Whether you think she give up what you want easier, or if you are really doing it because you are so totally in love, it may not be the right thing to do for numerous reasons. Your best bet would be to wait until at least the six month mark.

Planning is Everything

When you go on a date, women are looking for you to make the plans, especially if you are the one who asked her out. Make sure you have a plan before you go on your date, or you could end up with the dreaded awkward silences men hate so much.

Breaking Up is Not Hard to Do

Just don’t do it to date someone else in her family. That is a major no-no! Any man who breaks up with a woman to date that woman's sister-or mother even-is not a man worth dating. He is most likely just trying to get one thing from them and everyone gets hurt in the end and it is just utterly disrespectful to women as a whole.

Cancel Out the Ex-factor

Never talk about an ex when you are dating a new woman, especially if you broke up with that ex to be with her. This is something many men do not even realize they do. Not only does it look bad on the man, but it also makes women extremely jealous. Because she will already constantly think he will break up with her to be with someone else, as he already has a track record as a "cheater," you do not want to make it worse by talking about the ex. This might not only put you on a short leash with her, but prove to be very embarrassing when she starts accusing you of something you might not be doing.

When you go on a date with a new woman, keeping these common sense tips in your head at all times is probably the safest thing you can do. If you want to hang onto the woman you are with, keeping an eye on your words and your actions will guarantee you safe passage into her heart much quicker and can save yourself from another nasty breakup.