Loving Long Distance Relationships

Will the trouble of establishing a long distance relationship after an online relationship be worth it?

When two people love each other, it is easy to understand the dynamics of a long distance relationship. However, when these two people are dating online, the dynamics can be very different, especially if they want to meet face-to-face one day. Many things will need to change for both parties involved and concessions must be made on both ends. This brings up the question, is it all worth it? Will the trouble of establishing a long distance relationship after an online relationship be worth it? There are some simple rules to help you through some of the toughest times that may be lying ahead of you and you must keep them in mind if you intend to make this person your soul mate.

Quality Over Quantity

This might seem like a strange thing to say concerning a relationship;however it is quite real in this situation. What is the quality of the time the two of you "spend together?" Do you talk on the phone a lot? Do your chats and emails say enough? Is what you say substantial or is it just a quick “Hi” or “How are you?” If you find that what you are saying to each other is not much more thanwhat a second grader would say to their first date or their puppy love interest, it might not be a good idea to take the time to meet. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if the words are real and the meaning sincere, take the time and make it work.

The Right Timing

This is essential to a long distance relationship and an online relationship as well. Because the two of you may live in a different time zone, it is easy to forget and miss calls or "dates" as well. If you find you are cancelling more than scheduling when it comes to your phone or online dates, then it may be time to reconsider the position and importance of the relationship. If you feel, however, that it can work, you simply must make more time for each other, otherwise just as two friends slowly lose touch, the relationship may do the same.

Compromise is the Rule

This is the only way anything will ever work. The both of you must be flexible enough to have the ability to compromise with everything. This includes phone calls, letters, times and places to meet-everything. If you are finding it is too difficult to make the time to reschedule so you can have quality time together, or you wind up making excuses as to why you cannot, it might mean that you need to reconsider where you stand in the relationship. On the other hand, if you are hearing these same excuses from your online or long distance partner, it might be a sign that the time for your relationship to succeed has come and gone and not worth the trouble

The key to any relationship includes variations of each of these three key points. With out compromise and flexibility, the perfect timing and quality communications, relationships just do not have enough to go on. These are the relationships that fizzle out over time. If you want to keep your long distance relationship going, or want to meet face to face after an online relationship, you simply must adhere to these rules or you may be better off single.