Top 5 Signs He Is Cheating Online

Suspect the worst? Check out these 5 warning signs.

Online dating sites are becoming more popular as each day goes by. Unfortunately, more men-and women- are dating online because they want an easy way to find some variety in their lives-their married lives, to be exact. That said, there are ways to tell if he is cheating on you, and doing it online. Cheating online is a little different from cheating in” real life,” though, and online cheating exhibits very different symptoms, so here are the top five to watch out for…

It’s a Financial Takeover

All of a sudden, he takes over the financial burden from your prying eyes as he knows that he is busted in a big way if you find the flowers, chocolates and other things charged to the card. Especially if these items showed up on a statement and you never received the items, but received the bill. He suddenly takes financial control hoping you never find out.

The Password Patrol

Did you used to have an all access pass to his computer, and now all of a sudden it’s revoked? What can’t get in now, especially when it used to be OK? He is obviously hiding something from you, so unless he just started working on a top secret government project, he is probably cheating and hiding his browsing history, chat contacts and address book.

Suddenly Privacy is the Golden Rule

Did your man used to browse the internet anywhere, but now does so in secrecy? Does he quickly change the page or turn the computer monitor off when you –or someone else-walks in? If so, it is a good bet that he is hiding something. Whether he is cheating or not, well, that remains to be seen without proof, but be suspicious anyway.

Sudden Increase in Online Time

When a guy cheats online, his amount of online time increases exponentially. If he’s is usually online for two hours then his online time suddenly increases to five or six hours of continuous hours online, you may have a problem. It depends on what sites he visits and at what time of the day he uses the computer. Do not rule out short bursts of online time, either. Go for total time and specific hour, as he could have a “date” to attend.

New Internet Identity

Does your mate use the same name all the time then suddenly, he made up a new one? This could be cause for concern because he could have a secret email account. Or, he might be afraid of getting caught on an online dating site with his usual name so he made up a new one to browse the dating sites without fear. Making up a new identity is hard to spot, and not always cause for concern. It is what he is using it for, or if he is hiding it, that is when you need to worry.

Online Dating or an Online Surprise?

Taking into account all the symptoms here, if he is doing anything like this, he very well may be cheating with you at an online dating site. However, the problem is, all of these items also have legitimate purposes as well. So do not automatically judge, lest you ruin a surprise for your birthday or something equally innocent. When in doubt, ask him if he is cheating on you, then let him know you think he is visiting the online dating sites. Judge his reaction to your question and his answer. This is usually enough for a woman’s sixth sense to pick it up.